akinlosotu keji (3)


I woke up startled. Oh, it was a dream. Expansion of hell? How possible is that? I tried to remember the genesis of the dream. I was standing at the edge of a deep well; standing by my side was someone asking me what I would do if I fell into the well. I laughed and told him I would either trust God to make wings for me to fly out or provide a soft landing for me.

Suddenly, I found myself in the bottom of the well, fire glazing everywhere. I asked the person with me what was going on and a third person answered me and said “oh, we are expanding hell-fire, with the number of people pouring here everyday, we wont have space anymore very soon”. I became scared. How possible is that?  I asked. Does it mean a large sum of the seven billion people in the world won’t make it to heaven? Just as I wondered, the third person ordered someone to bring in a sword. He did and placed it on the floor and with his power made it blazing hot. Then he turned to me and said “to describe what it would look like to be here, anyone standing a mile away from this sword will feel the heat let alone of people the sword would be used to punish. I marvelled and then I woke up.

Friends, your destiny in life depends on the decisions you make. God longs lovingly for your soul, please give it to Him today. Live an honorable life. Speak to people about Christ.

Revelations 3 vs. 15-16, Choose you this day to be hot. Come over to the winning side. It is well with you in Jesus name.

With love,

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