Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo’s Greatest Message ever (Happy Birthday)

WOW! It’s Papa’s Diamond Jubilee (60 years) and I really feel the urge to share this message again.

Happy Birthday! Bishop David Oyedepo

It is no doubt that Papa received a mandate from God through an 18 hour long vision in May 1981 to “liberate the world from all oppression of the devil through the preaching of the word” of faith’, I am a living proof of his ministry and teachings. I have been consuming Bishop’s inspirational materials since leaving high school; my life has never remained the same. I am not a pastor, just a simple fellow who has found out some principles through the teachings of Papa; take for example, I cannot say when last I borrowed or lacked anything. I remember an incident that happened years back, it was an encounter with death, thank God that I overcame. The emphasis is not on the incident but my response at that youthful age, simply because I had consumed a lot of Bishop’s materials, I could speak like him (mimicking) and used most of his keywords.  I remembered my friends and folks found it amusing especially how I could speak like him. My favourite then was the definition of faith ” Faith is a vital spiritual force that makes a natural man to operate in the realm of supernatual; operating in the very class of God, people marvelling at you, what a manner of man is this”. Coming back to the incident; that day I shouted “We don’t die like chicken”, very funny isn’t it; I didn’t say “Jesus.. Jesus…” I knew at that moment that I could not die without fulfilling my purpose here on earth and it was borne out of revelations I’d received listening and reading his materials.

I have not had any face to face encounter with Bishop but I can tell you that he’s my father, pastor, mentor and coach. I love you so much Bishop and pray that God will increase His anointing and wisdom upon your life. I celebrate you, your ministry and the impact you have had on the youths all over the world.

These are my favorite quotes from Bishop messages;

  • The difference between developed and developing countries of the world is the number of the empowered in the economy; I quote Bishop David Oyedepo.
  • You must know where u’re going now and keep going there
  • If you miss it in d 20s, you may never find it again.
  • 20 yrs and upward is the season of enlistment.
  • Whatever you found doing, be there full length.
  • You can’t know where you’re going and not package yourself to arrive there.
  • If you sow sleeping and waking up, you’ll reap poverty plenty
  • Life is a business; you are either loosing or succeeding.
  • Timely discovery is the only security of your stardom
  • Every leader is a reader, except for position occupants
  • Wisdom is never far from wealth

Back to the main thing, my greatest Bishop Oyedepo message of all time is “Timely Discovery For Striking Accomplishment”. Please and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, download and listen to this message. I have made it available in this article. It is essentially for young people, parents can hand it over to your children, younger ones and everyone around you. I have purposed in my mind to bless lives that comes my way through this message. This message has blessed me so richly and I want it to do same to you.


Some of His Best Selling books include:

  • Pillars of Destiny
  • Exploits in Ministry
  • Walking in Dominion
  • Possessing your possession
  • Exploits of Faith
  • Anointing for exploits
  • Walking in the Newness of life
  • Maximise destiny
  • Commanding the supernatural
  • Winning invisible battles
  • Success Strategies
  • Success systems
  • Towards Excellency in life and Ministry
  • Excellency of Wisdom
  • Breaking Financial Hardship
  • The Release of Power
  • Excellency of Wisdom
  • Born to Win
  • The Miracle Meal
  • The Healing Balm
  • The Blood Triumph
  • Keys to Divine Health
  • Fulfilling Your Days
  • Breaking the Curses of Life
  • All You Need to Have All Your Needs Met
  • Emergence Of The Glorious Church