Leadership Academy

Leadership is the key to everything.
It determines the quality of our future.
Leadership truly develops from inside out.
If you can become the Leader you ought to be on the inside, you will become the Leader you want to be on the outside.

At DLA we teach people strong Leadership and Management Skills to help people manage themselves, their family and organizations.

As you attend our courses you will be a Leader that can chart through the dark cloud.

Get ready to soar to greater heights in life.
Get ready to lead for others to follow,
Get ready to become a role model.

Sam Adeyemi
President, Daystar Leadership Academy

You just read my pastor’s charge about Leadership and how DLA can help you unleash your leadership abilities. DLA is Daystar Leadership Academy , a leadership development school designed to fire you up while helping you to discover, develop and maximize your God-given potentials. DLA offers training for any career field, there is something that will suit your interest and goals; be it ministry, business, engineering, law, banking, marketing, e.t.c and thats justs just the beginning.

Thousands who have attended our courses have experienced complete change in their thinking. The courses at DLA are practical, motivating and insightful to help develop a paradigm shift that provokes transformation in every area of your life. At DLA we blow the cobwebs out of your mind positioning and equipping your for your ideal dream life.

The training programme will fire you up to be the leader you were designed to be. We are passionate about raising leaders in every sphere of life because everything rises and falls on leadership. As you become part of this experience get ready to achieve much more than you had ever thought possible, get ready to lead for others to follow.

I am a living proof of what DLA can make of a man, I think and see thinks differently. I am an alumni of Set 19 of Daystar Leadership Academy Basic Leadership Course . Below is our facebook page.


Our Website is DLA Set 19.

I charge you friends to visit dlaonline.org and plan to attend the next Basic Leadership Course.

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